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Past Events 2010

Achillies International 20th Annual Tribute Dinner Honors Enza Jacobowitz

Enza Jacobowitz was honored as 2010 Service Member of the Year. Enza was born and raised in Northern New Jersey. Growing up with her parents and three brothers, Enza was shaped to believe that actions speak louder than words and her family was integrally involved in their community.

Enza's life took a wide turn when her brother enlisted in the Army. Instead of feeling paralyzed by fear, with her brother in a combat zone, she focused on taking action. She became an advocate for the Achilles Freedom Team of Wounded Veterans. In 2007, her life changed forever when her younger brother Cpl. Luigi Marciante Jr. was killed in action while serving in Iraq.

Despite this great family tragedy she and her husband created Team S.O.S. Support Our Soldiers in honor of fallen and wounded veterans. This team participates in the Achilles Hope & Possibility 5 Mile race annually. With the support of her friends and family, Enza's Team S.O.S. has raised over $65,000 and endowed a fleet of hand crank wheelchairs. Her involvement with Achilles International is fueled by her desire to "always make Louie proud of her."

In addition to her support of Achilles, her life has been a model to many survivors of fallen soldiers. She is active with the Survivor Outreach Services Program at Fort Dix and is a part of its greatest strength: pairing survivor siblings who share their compassion and support with "newer" sibling survivors. Enza's commitment to soldiers and survivors is unrivaled.

Enza is the Gold Star Sister of Louie Marciante. Luigi and Maria Marciante are the Gold Star Parents and are members of the NJ Dept. AGSM.

Enza and Joe.

Enza, Genna and Michael Amante.

Enza, Genna and FT.

Enza and Kirstin.

Enza's table guests.

NH Gold Star Mothers Statue Unveiled

The American Civil War Museum Complex in Gettysburg, PA hosted the New Hampshire Gold Star Mothers Monument Association and sculptor Andrew Chernak for a ceremony honoring our Nation's Gold Star Mothers on Saturday, August 14th for a special unveiling and service honoring the Gold Star Mother statue that is in transit to permanently reside in New Hampshire.

What a beautiful day it was on Saturday, August 15th, 2010 to see our GSMNM statue up close and personal. The pictures are great and thank you Patrick for your dedication; you are always there.

Thank you Rolling Thunder for your continuous support. That was a long bike ride, but then, you are always there and so nice to see Artie.

We are so happy Brenda Einhorn was the recipient of a very special award for her dedicaiton to the GSM's. That was a nice surprise.

Thank you, Thank you, Judi

Photos of event...

Honor and Remember Flags Presented

Our two day visit with George Lutz in New Jersey to receive the Honor and Remember Flag was so special. The American Legion in Cherry Hill opened their doors to us for his presentation. The Waterford Twp. War Memorial Committee sponsored and presented the beautiful personalized flag to Gold Star Parents Jon and Cathy Hicks in memory of their son Jon Hicks, Jr. and much to my surprise George Lutz presented me with my flag in memory of my son, David.

The next day we were escorted to Trenton by the Warrior Watch Riders and George Lutz spoke on the steps of the Capital and we then received 6 signatures from Senators pledging to support the Flag as a National Flag of Remembrance.

I have been inducted to serve a two year term as Honorary Commander of the 305th Air Mobility Wing at Joint Base McGuire-Dix- Lakehurst, NJ with Colonel Scott F. Smith. This has been exciting and I am enjoying the many events that I am invited to take part. I will be taking an Honorary Commander Flight in August. Just something else to keep me busy.

Judith Tapper and Col Scott Smith

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