American Gold Star Mothers lay wreath at Tomb of the Unknowns, Gold Star Mothers Sunday, 09/26/05 Soldiers looking at Vietnam Wall Memorial Francis Turley at a funeral for a forgotten veteran. One of the many markers at Arlington Cemetery remembered by a mother Perpetuating the noble principles for which they fought and died.


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* These Depts have no web pages but they do have Chapters with web pages.

The national American Gold Star Mothers, Inc organization is composed of departments which are, in turn, composed of chapters. Members join a chapter near them.

Below is a complete list of all American Gold Star Mothers, Inc departments and chapters. Some departments include several states. The listing is by state for convenience in finding a chapter near you. The city listed after the chapter name is only to give you an idea where the chapter's members reside geographically. You need not live in that city. If you are anywhere close enough to a chapter to participate you may join that chapter.

You may still join AGSM even if there is no chapter convenient to you. We will assign you to the Grace Darling Seibold chapter in DC. When there are enough Gold Star moms near you to form a chapter we will reassign you to that chapter. If there is no chapter nearby you can form a new one with 5 members. E-mail the office if you have questions.

A few departments and chapters have established their own web page on our site. A few chapters maintain their own web pages. Click on the linked department or chapter names below to see their web pages or use the shortcut menu at the left.

You can contact the presidents of the departments and chapters by clicking on those names that appear as links. We will be adding contact e-mails as we get them.

Confused? Link doesn't work? Contact headquarters by e-mail or phone, 202-265-0991, and talk to a GS mom who can connect you with other GS moms in your area.

Complete list of all AGSM Depts and Chapters

The format of the listing is as follows:

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